Schlage Lock Parts

MB900019721You want your home to be as secure as possible. You have searched the internet, talked with several contractors and consulted your friends. Now you are close to being overwhelmed with security issues – Both Good and Bad.

In today’s world Schlage has become a popular choice among locksmiths and contractors to provide high quality security. Even though the Schlage Deadbolt Lock is not thief proof, the lock is designed to be much harder for a thief to penetrate the lock then other common deadbolt locks. Burglars are looking for easy access to a home.

The deadbolt is designed to resist saws, crowbars and attempts at kicking in the door by embedding into the surrounding supports. Schlage deadbolt locks will also work well on interior doors. If you have an interior room that needs extra security you can install a deadbolt and turn the room into a safe room.

In today’s world a simple lock is almost inconvenient. For increased security install an electronic keypad. This will provide you with easier access to your home and allow you to offer guests access without giving them your keys. The Schlage LINK door handle keypads not only allow you to change codes and assign individual codes you are also able to see who has accessed your home and at what time.

The Schlage Touchscreen deadbolt.